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SkyMeasure is a new service offered by L.P. Adams Co., Inc to give you, the customer, an estimate on your roof project. This aerial roof measurement tool gives us the dimensions, pitches and layouts of your roof for remote quoting. This service is offered FREE of charge and takes 3-4 days to complete. Please send your contact information along with your address for your estimate. Our estimate will include the roof materials based on a standard tear off to the wood deck substrate\base (plywood, wood planking etc). This will include: ice and water (2 rows) from the eaves, underlayment, drip edge, shingles (GAF Timberline), fasteners, ridge cap, starter strip, and a basic extra allowance for misc fasteners. We reserve the right to only be responsible for what is on the quote and to a basic roof replacement as listed above. Additional products can be added per request. Please contact our estimating office or contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram. Delivery is as always FREE!