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Fall & Winter

Fall & The Brutal Berkshire Winters

L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has a complete line of outdoor living products to help you through our Berkshire winters. We carry a full line of fall clean-up and winterization products as well as, a full line of snow removal and ice management products for those brutal Berkshire winters. Whether you need antifreeze for your home or RV, snow shovels for the mountains of snow Mother Nature will undoubtedly drop on us or ice melter and sand for the inevitable slick conditions Berkshire winters are known for, L.P. Adams Co., Inc has you covered. Did Mother Nature throw you a curve ball?  The knowledgeable staff at L.P. Adams Co., Inc. is always available to help. No matter what Mother Nature throws our way, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. is prepared and ready to for all your needs.  We invite you to stop in to our Dalton, MA location or contact us for all your seasonal needs.

Please see the list below for a sampling of our seasonal supplies.

 Fall & Winter

  • Home/RV Antifreeze
  • No Freeze Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Car Window Scrapers
  • Snow Shovels
  • Roof Rakes
  • Ice Choppers
  • Ice Melters, Rock Salt, Calcium (Magnesium)
  • Sand
  • Heat Tape