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Drywall Recycling

L.P. Adams Co., Inc. Drywall Recycling

Drywall Recycling now available to L.P. Adams Co., Inc. Customers

L.P. Adams Co., Inc Drywall Recycling

L.P. Adams Co., Inc Drywall Recycling

On July, 1, 2011, clean Gypsum Wallboard waste was banned from disposal in Massachusetts (Mass DEP Regulation: 310 CMR 19.017). Prior to this law, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. took the initiative to start clean drywall recycling.  Clean drywall is classified as drywall free from all coatings, fasteners and moisture.  L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has a drywall recycling container for internal recycling of damaged drywall and dunage leftovers, and we are now opening our drywall recycling container to our customers.  This service at L.P. Adams Co., Inc. is offered to customers with the purchase of drywall materials at a rate of $0.20 a square foot*.  We support your environmental efforts and are the only retailer in Berkshire County offering this green building opportunity!

If you would like more information regarding drywall recycling at L.P. Adams Co., Inc. or would like to utilize this service, please contact Todd Walton at (413) 329-5151.

*Our drywall recycling program is currently customer drop off only – no pickup is offered.