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Green Initiative



Electronic Billing

In 2011, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. announced the addition of exciting new software called INet.  This software enables L.P. Adams Co., Inc. to electronically invoice customers by either email or fax immediately at the point of sale.  With the participation of many of our customers we are reducing the consumption of paper products within the industry.  If you are interested in signing up, please click here.

Rechargeable Battery and Cell Phone Recycling

We have partnered with Call2Recycle®, the only free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America, to help you properly recycle your used cell phones and rechargeable batteries. This service is FREE of charge, so please use it as often as you need.

Below is a list of rechargeable batteries we can recycle for you.

  • Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium)
  • Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride)
  • Li-ion (Lithium-ion)
  • Pb (Small Sealed Lead Acid weighing less than 11 lbs)
  • Ni-Zn (Nickel Zinc)

Below is a list of batteries that are not accepted.

  • Alkaline, Lithium, and other Non-Rechargeable batteries
  • Wet Cell (such as vehicle or motor cycle)
  • Pb (Small Sealed Lead Acid weighing more than 11 lbs)

Internal Recycling Initiative

It is our commitment that we as a company need to lead by example in our recycling initiatives.  To that regard, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has instituted several recycling programs internally.  We currently recycle cardboard, paper, bottles/cans, and several metals.  These recycling efforts have been very successful and we continue to refine our recycling efforts to maximize efficiency.  We also recycle all of our waste oil from our maintenance garage, properly exchange all used automotive batteries and properly handle all fluorescent light bulbs at our facility.

L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has also begun to work closely with the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  This allows us to donate items that have been incorrectly ordered, damaged items and in some instances used building materials that would otherwise be landfill bound.  Habitat for Humanity Restore resells these items to generate funding for current projects and/or uses these items directly in their projects.

Clean Drywall Recycling

L.P. Adams Co., Inc Drywall Recycling

L.P. Adams Co., Inc Drywall Recycling

L.P. Adams Co., Inc Drywall Recycling

L.P. Adams Co., Inc Drywall Recycling

On July, 1, 2011, clean Gypsum Wallboard waste was banned from disposal in Massachusetts (Mass DEP Regulation: 310 CMR 19.017). Prior to this law, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. took the initiative to start clean drywall recycling.  Clean drywall is classified as drywall free from all coatings, fasteners and moisture.  L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has a drywall recycling container for internal recycling of damaged drywall and dunage leftovers. This effort has been a major factor in our significant waste reduction.  We are currently leading the way in drywall recycling as one of the only facilities participating in Western Massachusetts.

Waste to Energy

In 2004 L.P. Adams Co., Inc. installed a wood burning furnace on our property to heat our retail and office spaces.  This furnace was intended to subsidize our oil heating system by burning our clean wood waste.  Clean wood is free of glues, coatings and preservatives.  In that same year, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. also installed a pellet stove in our maintenance garage to take the place of oil heat within that space.  Our pellet stove consumes all the damaged bags of pellets that would otherwise be thrown away.  With these two waste burning furnaces, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has virtually eliminated our dependence on oil fuel for heating.

On Going Commitment

L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has eliminated over 65 tons of waste bound for landfills within the first year of our recycling efforts.  We have achieved and maintained this reduction with foresight, initiative and diligence with the help and commitment of every member of the L.P. Adams Co., Inc. team.  With these disciplines, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. will continue to reduce waste and lighten our carbon footprint.  Going forward L.P. Adams Co., Inc. plans to look closer at solar power and improved recycling innovations and technologies.  We hope that you will join us in the conservation of our natural resources!