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Truss Setting Photo Gallery

Berkshire County Truss Setting with L.P. Adams Co., Inc. 6 Story Boom Truck / Crane* - Hinsdale, MA

L.P. Adams Co., Inc. Truss Setting Berkshire County


Camp Romaca Fitness Center Truss Setting, Hinsdale, MA – Berkshire County


L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has expanded our services to include the use of our 68’ Boom Truck / Crane* for truss setting.  This new addition to our fleet is available for hire by the hour, with NO MINIMUM CHARGE.  An hourly rate of $110.00** per hour will be charged, with the purchase of product(s) from L.P. Adams Co., Inc. to be boomed/craned*.  Our boom truck / crane* is also available for product(s) not purchased from L.P. Adams Co., Inc. at an hourly rate of $150.00**.  L.P. Adams Co., Inc. can make your truss project smooth, efficient and above all else, safe. For trusses over 50’, we have a certified 20’ spreader bar available at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  We cover all of Berkshire County and many surrounding areas for your convenience.  For more information or to book an appointment for your next job, contact Todd Walton at (413) 684-0025 / (413) 329-5151 or by email at [email protected].

 *L.P. Adams Co., Inc. 6 Story Boom Truck/Crane offers crane like services with a 68′ reach. 
 **6 Story Boom Truck is billed in full hours including travel time to and from L.P. Adams. Co., Inc.


Truss Setting, Westhampton, MA – Hampshire County


Truss Setting, Berkshire County


Taking Down the Shed at L.P. Adams Co., Inc., Dalton, MA – Berkshire County