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6 Story Boom Truck / Crane* Specifications

Boom Truck / Crane* Specifications

Do you have a project that needs to be boomed, lifted or set in Berkshire County, but you don’t need a full size crane or the expense of one?

L.P. Adams Co., Inc. has expanded its fleet services to include a 6 story boom truck /crane* with 68’ of reach for a wide variety of projects.  The L.P. Adams Co., Inc. boom truck /crane* is capable of lifting 1300 pounds at a horizontal distance of 68’! Fitted with a 20’ flatbed, our boom truck /crane* has the capability of transporting your project (size restrictions may apply) to your job site for the setting process.  The folding jib extension gives the boom extended reach with the flexibility of knuckling to change angles for those hard to reach locations.  The boom truck /crane* is fully mobile on a Sterling truck chassis which allows for quick set up and tear down along with shorter portal to portal travel times. Our newest asset is fully equipped with a 20’ spreader bar for larger picks.  The expanded boom truck /crane* service is perfect for your large and small projects located in the heart of Berkshire County.

If you need more information or would like to schedule service for your next project, contact L.P. Adams Co., Inc./Todd Walton at [email protected] or (413) 684-0025 / (413) 329-5151. We look forward to hearing from you.

*L.P. Adams Co., Inc. 6 Story Boom Truck/Crane offers crane like services with a 68′ reach.